Why I'm Migrating My Websites to Posthaven

Making the Move to Posthaven

I am gradually moving my websites to the new Posthaven platform ahead of the impending demise of Posterous at the end of next month.  This site (Belovski: A View with a Room) has already migrated, as have my Book Review site (yes, I know it's out of date - it'll be having a facelift in the next couple of months) and my Phd page.

At the moment, Posthaven is quite minimal and missing many core features - I can't yet make new posts that include audio and documents and I can't yet adjust the static pages (so some of the stuff down the side of this page isn't yet working properly - please bear with me), but I know that all this and more will follow very soon, as the founders have been responsive, responsible and generous with their time.

I plan to move my shiur/lecture site (Belovski's Shiurim) as soon as the media features are operational.

I'm confident that Posthaven is going to be an excellent choice for me.