The Genius of the Abarbanel

Abarbanel's Torah Commentary: Rationalism, Creativity and Systematic Analysis in the Pursuit of Truth

JLE Oct - Dec 2013

Session 1: Introduction

Sessions 2-5: Sin in the Garden

Session 4 was misrecorded
Sessions 6-8: Blessings and the Rainbow

The Genius of the ibn Ezra

Ibn Ezra's Torah Commentary: Textual Fidelity, Interpretative Brilliance and Grammatical Triumph

JLE Apr - Jul 2013

Sessions 1-2: Introduction

Sessions 3-4: Early BeReishit Narratives

Session 5: Other Early Narratives

Session 6: Added Verses?

Session 7: Approach to the Text

Sessions 8-9: Asseret HaDibrot

The Genius of the Seforno

Seforno’s Torah Commentary: Renaissance Brilliance, Human Sensitivity and Narrative Fidelity

JLE January – March 2013

Sessions 1 & 2: Introduction to Seforno's Commentary

Session 3: BeReishit

Session 4: Universalism

Session 5: Approach to the Mishkan

Sessions 6 & 7: The Story of Yosef and Narrative Continuity

The Genius of the Rashbam

Rashbam’s Torah Commentary: Creativity, Literalism and Peshat

JLE October – December 2012

Session 1: Introduction and BeReishit

Session 2: Rashbam and Peshat

Session 3: When Rashi opts for Derash

Session 4: Yishmael, Yitzchak and Akeidah

Session 5: Chevron and Yitzchak

Session 6: Adventures in Parashat Toldot

Session 7: The Avot and Mitzvot