Sermon Notes 29/10/11 - Noach

Noah and Becoming One's Self

If you’d wanted to hear my sermon, you’d have come to Shul, but...

This week’s parashah starts with the phrase אלא תולדות נח נח – these are the products of Noach: Noach.  Rabbi K.K. Shapira, the Piaseczno Rebbe, notes that to be spiritually successful, the product of Noach must be, well, Noach.

Making one’s unique contribution to the world by developing, within the framework of Torah and mitzvot, one’s own spiritual character, is an essential feature of a meaningful religious life.  Too often, we try to fulfil the aspirations of others, becoming clones of them, rather than ourselves.

1 response
It is clear that Noach wasn't the greatest type of Tzaddik.He seems to have had a rather limited vision.
Yet we find " motza chein"
How did he merit this chein-this chein?
Suggested answer from the Mezeritcher Maggid
Noach worked on himself. He turned himself inside out ,upside down trying to do the right thing. Chein is noach backwards